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Best Fly Fishing Books for Newbie Anglers

Grab a list of the best fly fishing books for newbie anglers. If you’re starting out in fly fishing, you’ll want to check out these reads.

Best Fly Fishing Books

When I was getting my graduate degree back in the early 2000s, my friend/fellow student Jennifer and I had an ongoing tradition. For every new class that we weren’t excited about (like Microeconomics for example), we would buy a “Dummies guide.”

We thought we were pretty smart in our late 20s, and our goal with the dummies books was to shortcut the most boring parts of certain classes that we didn’t enjoy yet still absorb the material that we would inevitably be tested on. Work smarter, not harder, right?

The funny thing about buying all these beginner books is that they had more of a positive impact that I anticipated. I thought that we’d only end up buying them for our least favorite courses. But they enhanced the learning process so much that we began buying them for every class.

My graduate degree was mostly lectures, group projects, and papers – with some book reading sprinkled in. Throw in the dummies guides, and we really had a (unintended) comprehensive method for learning all the class material. Since that time, when I’m trying something new, I frequently buy a book!

Before the dummies time of my life, I assumed if you were going to learn about a sport that the best practice was just to “get out and do it.” And yes, that is true to some extent. But what can also enhance the learning process, and get you excited at the same time, is reading about it!

Which brings me to learning fly fishing. If you’re a newbie fly fisherman, there’s nothing that substitutes field experience. You can’t learn to cast from the couch. BUT these best-selling books can also help get your skills up to speed. You can learn about fly fishing essentials, river etiquette, catch and release . . . all by simply cracking open a book.

And fly fishing books are nice for those times that you can’t get out on the river because of weather, time of year, or other obligations. Reading an angling book can give you the fishing fix that you’re looking for! Plus make you a more educated fisherman at the same time.

They also make great fly fishing gifts. Especially if you have no idea what else to get. Fishermen love reading about fishermen and how tos.

If you’re interested in some fly fishing reading material, I’ve put together a list of the best fishing books money can by in the list below. Read through and then let me know in comments which ones you own . . . or other recommendations you’d put on this list. Enjoy!

Fly Fishing Books

If you're new to fly fishing, this list of the best fly fishing books will help get you started. These are some of the most popular and informative titles available. You'll find information on how to tie flies, trout patterns, casting techniques, nymphing tactics, and more!